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Brothers and Pledges List

A list of all active/inactive brothers and pledges.

[ the official list is still at --strick ]

Since I'm terrible at getting updates to the cyberbuzz page and said page sucks anyway, I'm posting the brothers and pledges list here on the wiki. This way, anyone can fix problems with spelling or update phone nubmers and the like.

So get started! [ Edit ]

Blah. Need to get strick to show me how tables work.

Here's the simplest way to do a table:

\n\n \n\n \n\n
name rank serial number
sean general 3.1415
strick private 69, dude!
try that. --strick

I guess I'll start the ball rolling?

\n\n \n\n
Name Big Brother Status
Hammad T. Khan David "Random" Eger Active

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