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Cheeze and Demos 2011

Cheese and Demos 9 - June 4th, 2011

There was something over 50 cheeses. They just kept showing up. It was totally ridiculous. Anyhow, good clean fun abounded.

Program Guide - Online Version (Click on links for more information!)

Fun information about cheeses and cheese tastings.
Note how it claims that more than 5 cheeses at a tasting is "overwhelming".

Demo List

  • Demo - Finally Inside by Still, Released at Evoke
  • shortfilm - Payback by Haujobb, Released at Evoke
  • Demo - Ceasefire (all fall down) by Carillon & Cyberiad & Fairlight, Released at Assembly
  • 4k - Neanderstaller by Pittsburgh Stallers, Released at Assembly
  • Demo - Happiness is Around the Bend by ASD, Released at Assembly
  • wild - What is Love by Pistoke, Released at Assembly
  • Demo - 2019 by Brainstorm, Released at Evoke
  • 64k - Behind the Curtain by United Force & Digital Dynamite, Released at Assembly
  • Demo - MF Real by Kewlers, Released at Stream


  • Demo - Electric Bullet by ASD and Excess, Released at TRSAC
  • 4k - White One by Never, Released at the Ultimate Meeting
  • Demo - fr-063: Magellan by farbrausch, Released at the Ultimate Meeting
  • 64k - Ars Nova by Accept corp, Released at Assembly
  • Amiga Demo - Human Traffic by Ghostown & Loonies, Released at Revision
  • 4k - cdak by Quite and orange, Released at Chaos Constructions
  • Demo - Numb Res by CNCD and Fairlight, Released at The Gathering
  • 4k - Code Is My Pron by Nuance, Released at Revision
  • Demo - We Crave Sustainance by PlayPsyCo, Released at The Gathering

    Enjoy the evening, Enjoy the Cheeze!

  • You know you want one.

  • pictures of cheese and demos 2011.
    pictures of cheeses available by asking Paulie. I think there's enough portraits of cheese on this wiki anyhow.
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