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Cheese and Demos 2010

Cheese and demos happened on Saturday June 12th, 2010, and was viewed on the new house television in glorious 1080p. One of the themes of this year's party was to at once simplify the proceedings and to expand the number of cheeses, which seemed to work wonderfully - over thirty cheeses were brought (with only a couple of cheese-space-collisions), as well as a few cases of wine, all with a lower amount of work overall.

Demo List:
Demo 1 - The Golden Path by United Force & Digital Dynamite
4k Intro 1 - Dollop by SQNY
Demo 2 - Frameranger by Fairlight, Orange, & CNCD
4k Intro 2 - Muon Baryon by Youth Uprising & Ümlaüt Design & Outracks
Demo 3 - Wrath by Matt Current
Demo 4 - Trendwhore by Still
4k Intro 3 - Rudebox by Alcatraz
Demo 5 - Blunderbuss by Fairlight
Demo 6 - fr-062: The Cube by Farbrausch
64k Intro - Imagine by TGGC & Coding Cat & BluFlame
Demo 7 - vokawardoai by Satori
Wild Demo - Membrain by Moods Plateau
Demo 8 - fr-043: Rove by Farbrausch
Amiga Demo - We Come In Peace by Elude
Demo 9 - Wir Sind Einstein by United Force & Digital Dynamite
Amiga 4k - ikadalawampu by Loonies
Demo 10 - Agenda Circling Forth by Fairlight & CNCD


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