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Cheeze and Demos 2009

Cheese and Demos 2009 happened on Saturday June 13th, 2009, this time with upgraded soundsystem. We only had twelve cheeses this year, which was nice from a formal cheese tasting point of view, but bad in the sense that with the number of attendees it was eaten too quickly and seemed underwhelming.

Demo List:
Demo 1 - Size Antimatters by ASD
Wild - Field Trip by Half bit cheese
Demo 2 - Nazca by Cocoon
64k 1 - Nebula by Sqny
Demo 3 - Only One Wish By Fairlight and TBL
64k 2 - Panic Room by Fairlight
Demo 4 - Into The Pink by Plastic
4k 1 - Texas by Keyboarders
Demo 5 - Stargazer by Orb and Andromeda
Demo 6 - Ooh La La (Function '08 Invite) by United Force
4k 2 - Receptor by TBC
Demo 7 - Everything Is Under Control (Breakpoint '09 Invite) by MFX
Amiga Demo - Jesus Christ Motocross by Nature and Traktor
Demo 8 - Zapdrumm by Speckdrumm
4k 3 - Sult by Loonies
Demo 9 - Crush by Anadune and Floppy
4k 4 - Elevated by Rgba and TBC
Demo 10 - Rupture by ASD


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    And may the Brain be with you all...
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