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Cheeze and Demos 2008

Held on June 14 2008, it was the first year with a widescreen projector (720p)

Demos Shown:

"STS06: microdots" by Synesthetics

  • "Realtime Demo Wannabe" by Maxon

  • "Media Error" by CNCD, Fairlight, and Orange

  • "Malewitsch" by Still

  • "Lifeforce" by Andromeda Software Development

  • "Kindernoiser" by RGBA

  • "f07 – The Function Invite" by Conspiracy

  • "fr-minus-09 – Human Sources" by Farbrausch

  • "Chromosphere" by SQNY

  • "Ferner" by Still

  • "Tracie" by TBC

  • 4k picutre generator : "Ixaleno" by RGBA

  • "Shad 3" by Cocoon

  • "Invoke" by Still and Conspiracy

  • "Metamorphosis" by Andromeda Software Development

  • "E.T.A." by Junk

  • "Linger In Shadows" by Plastic

  • "Atrium" by TBC and Loonies

  • "Masagin" by Farbrausch and Neuro

  • pictures

  • Yes, they ate a durian fruit. Yes, it smelled positively awful.

  • There are photos (like the one following) of the cheeses in the zipfile below for anyone interested.

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