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Cheeze and Demos archive

for the sake of any interested parties, here are very brief recaps of the previous year's cheeze and demos parties with lists of demos that I played as best as my records maintain (which is good except for the first year). If you're curious about any of the demos listed, you can look them up at [ ] or [ ] (probably easier, if a scarier site)

2005, June 11 - Cheeze and Demos 3

We had 20ish cheeses, and they were served half at the beginning of the show and half at the intermission (which didn't work super well). Like all the parties before 2006 the demos were watched on the house's CRT TV in glorious standard definition. It was the first year with an itinerary sheet and an intermission. The party was being held the same weekend as music midtown (back when that event still occurred), during the performances of such bands as The Killers, The Pixies, Blackeyed Peas, and Alan Jackson.

production list:

Intro –Vanillarocker by MFX
Demo 1 – Arise by Stravagana
64k Intro 1 – Paradise by RGBA
4k Intro 1 – Micropolis by TBC and Mainloop
Demo 2 – 47’100.0 by Faktory
GBA Demo – Virus by Matt Current
Demo 3 – We Cell by Kewlers
64k Intro 2 – Kings of the Playground by Equinox
4k Intro 2 (Amiga) – Finnmark By Ephidrena
Demo 4 – Obsoleet by Unreal Voodoo
Commodore 64 Demo – Cycle by Booze Design
Demo 5 – Planet Risk by Andromeda Software Development
64K Intro 3 – The Prophecy ~ Project Nemesis by Conspiracy
4k Intro 3 – Feet 4 by AND
Demo 6 – Breakpoint 2005 Invitation by MFX and Kewlers
Textmode Demo – Rivulet by Trailer Park Demo
Intermission – Jesus on E’s by LSD
Wild Demo – Amondo by Aenima
Demo 7 – fr-038 ~ Theta by Farbrausch
64k Intro 4 – Fresh by Fairlight
4k Intro 5 – Panoptriptikum by Caldox
Demo 8 – Trocken by Bauknecht
Pure Javascript – Mooncheeze by Shingebis
Overhead Projector – ohp-q by Wed’n
Demo 9 – Aether by MFX
Atari 2600 Demo – 2600 by Vantage
IBM-PC 8088 or greater – 8088 Corruption by Hornet
Demo 10 – Meet the Biots by Portal Process
Pokemon Mini Demo/Making of – Shizzle by Pokme
Demo 11 – 155/95 by Plastic
4k intro 5 – Parsec by (um…3 dudes with no group name)
64k intro 5 (Amiga)– Wessyde by Rave Network Overscan
Demo 12 (Amiga) – Ocean Machine by The Black Lotus

2004, June 16 - Cheeze and Demos 2

This year the party was a joint operation with Strick ( c/o the Gnu/Yak Cafe), and a whole crew of friends of the Yak came to throw down, cheeses in tow. No foggy clue how many cheezes we had, but we had sudden influxes through the night. It was the first year with a set demo list

Production List:

Intro (Wild Funny) - Grand Theft by Otherside
Demo 1 - Propaganda by INF
64k Intro 1 - Beyond by Conspiracy
Demo 2 - Caisson by TBC
Textmode - Bolognese by Alpha Design
Demo 1 - Relais by Kolor
64k Intro 2 - Eliostar by Mankind
Demo 4 - FR-036 Zeitmachine by Farbrausch
4k Intro 1 - Yellow Rose Of Texas by Fit and Bandwagon
Demo 5 - Graphical Jihad by Mankind
64k Intro 3 - FR-030 Candytron by Farbrausch
Demo 6 - Pornonoise by MFX and Lunix
256 byte effect - Csille by shr/Molecoola
128 byte effect - Command by napoleon/brainwave team
64 byte effect - Plasma64 by Optimus/Dirty Minds^Nasty Bugs
59 byte effect - Plasmakanone by tomaes + mados
31 byte effect - Klappquadrat by T$
Demo 7 - Dreamchild by Andromeda Software Development
64k Intro 4 - Point Blank by Stockholm Syndrome
Demo 8 - Legomania by Doomsday
WTF Invitro - Simulatio 2 Invite
Demo 9 - A Signicant Deformation Near The Cranium by Kewlers
64k Intro 5 - Zoom3 by And + Cybermag
Demo 10 - Daddy Was A Registered Trademark by Matt Current
Funny Demo - Panjabmoore Meets 007 Again by Caldox
Demo 11 - Ix by Moppi Productions
64k Intro 6 - A Place Called Universe by Conspiracy
Demo 12 - I Feel Like A Computer by Melon Dezion
Outro/Invitro - Assembly 2004 Invitro by Moppi

2003, June-ish (on a wednesday, IIRC) - Cheeze and Demos 1

Exact Date unknown (but probably either June 11th or 25th), Paulie gathered a bunch of new and new-ish productions onto his then-new (now long gone) laptop and put together a cheese tasting party (initially we tried to make it a contest, but it was just too complicated) and demo viewing. There wasn't an invite so much as word of mouth, and we learned that there's a reason you let real cheezes air out and warm up a bit before serving. There is no set list of productions for the evening, as it was a bunch of stuff on Paulie's laptop that he played in no particular order.

Productions included (Or "here's the stuff in the folder of demos that Paulie used that year and remembered playing"):

De Profundis by Kolor
Chimera by Halcyon
B10 by Satori
Detox by Satori
Easter Egg by Orion
Halla by Moppi
Liquid...Wen? by Haujobb
Amore by Orion
World Domination by Odd
FR-025 The Popular Demo by Farbrausch
Variform by Kewlers

Project Genesis by Conspiracy
Squish by And
FR-029 Dopplerdefekt by Farbrausch
FR-019 Poemtoahorse by Farbrausch

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