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Rush Videos (August 2002)

Here's a few videos from the rush parties two weeks ago...

You can find the following quicktime videos at

Two songs by Schlock Horror:

  • 7.8MB
  • 13.4MB

    Kaz's magnum opus (larger and smaller versions of same video):

  • 15.1MB
  • 6.4MB

    What is that thing on the roof?

  • 7.6MB

    Two explosions from the last night:

  • 13.1MB


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    by strick:
    The ones ending * are "small streaming web" sized. They are smaller, but they do stream with the appropriate quicktime players.

    The ones ending * are "medium" sized, but do not stream :(

    iMovies is free and easy, but a bit annoying...


    by hk:
    Waittaminute. Are those /gigabytes/?



    by strick:
    oops, hammad, you were right -- i've changed all the GBs to MBs ;) thx, strick

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